Friday, December 30, 2011

Greer Mid-year Teacher Survey

Below is a copy of the survey we sent out to our teaching staff the week they returned from break. We used google forms to do it which was simple and easy. I have found that a mid year survey of staff is a great way to take stock of everyone's take on the various initiatives at our school. And after reading the responses, while sometimes hard to appreciate, I love the honesty and sense of community that is growing at our school. I hate nonsense in the education world, and leaders who make claims about their staff that they cannot stand by. For those who do, they should do an anonymous survey to see where their staff really is.

The survey really helps us (me) grow as a teacher and leader. And we share all of the answers with the entire staff so everyone can see it.

Mid-Year Greer Teacher Survey 2012

Please take some time this week to fill out this survey. We will close it out Monday, January 9. Because we believe the improvement and growth of our school is a collective process, all of the answers will be shared out with the staff.