Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oxygen for teachers

After my first blog post two weeks ago, I have followed that up with zero posts until now.  I guess I am now in the category of "slow blogging".  For me, it could also be called lazy blogging, or too busy to blog blogging, or no one really reads my blog so why bother blogging.  I will stick with slow blogging for now though.  It has a much more refined ring to it.

Instead of a long post, I am planning to do a series of shorter posts this weekend.  I love this piece written on the Quick and the Ed blog called "Oxygen".  The Quick and the Ed is one of many edublogs that I subscribe to and it comes out of the Education Sector policy organization.  The Time cover story on Michelle Rhee stirred up the edublogsphere and this was a great response.  I think so often all of the education reform debates, whether at the federal and state level, or even at the little old level of my own district, forget the realities and day to day lives of teachers.  The job is harder than just about any job and we always seem to forget that.  I can't stand when education reformers feel that we can just fire our way out of problems.  True, incompetence needs to be dealt with at the school leadership level, but improving the working conditions for students and teachers should be our first priority.

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