Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fresh Fruit and Veggies for Greer

Greer won a grant this year from the USDA to provide fresh fruit and veggies as snacks twice a week to all of our kids and adults in the building.  We started last week with raspberries and peaches, both from local farms.  

Trying to follow one of my many important rules of the principalship (that would be do fun  things when you have the chance to do them) Lisa and I went around school delivering these snacks to excited kids.  

We have some details to work out like getting kids to do the deliveries and delivering the snacks at times that are not disruptive to the learning process in the classrooms but it has been a fun grant to implement so far.  Snack time seems like a great time to sneak the healthy stuff at kids because it is not competing with chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza etc. on a lunch tray.  It just is there all by itself and teachers have been great about getting kids to "just try" things.  I have to love all of the money we have been getting from the federal government this year.

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