Friday, January 1, 2010

Update on Last Year's New Year's Resolutions

I think on New Year's Day you are supposed to look forward, not backward, but who really knows or cares.  A year ago, I felt the need to post some professional goals for New Year's Resolutions .
I will describe them briefly here with a grade, self inflicted, about my progress in accomplishing these goals.  One note, I think goals are different than resolutions, but I have resolved to not worry about the little things this year.

1.  Finish the dissertation.  Grade- incomplete- but I have made significant progress for the first time in some years now.  I have solid drafts of Chapters 1 and 2 and aim to defend a proposal in February.

2.  Get the children's garden and hiking trail started at Greer- Grade C+- We have eight garden plots for twenty five classes, not enough, but have started growing things.  We have not done much with the trail.

3.  Sing more outside of music class-  Grade B.  We now have school wide morning meetings where we all sing something as a school.  It is very powerful.  In every classroom morning meeting, singing sometime occurs, and at our teacher retreat last summer, during the post work time we had a singing competition.  I hope that all digital copies of this contest have been lost or eliminated.

4.  This goal was kind of vague about using technology more in school and in my professional life.  Grade ?  because I am not even really sure I knew what I was writing about.

These were obviously not my only goals or even the most important ones.  If I can remember back to last year, I think I was trying to challenge myself in areas that were not typically areas of focus for myself.

I will try to post this year's goals in a couple of days.

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  1. More singing! That is an awesome professional goal.